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Hardway Results

Thank you to all the 284 loud and active fans who came to watch "Hardway".
If you missed the show, results are up here.
Look forward to seeing you all at Road to Annihilation on Septmber 26th at Elphin sports Centre in Launceston.

Launceston. Are you ready???

It's nearly time for TCW Hardway.
El Cartel, Zakk Archer, Ace DeLuca, Killrog, Otis, Omega, Keegan, Chris Trance, Sketch, Xavier Black, Mantis and Panic's Benny Factor will be ready.
Due to shoulder injury, Jethro has been pulled from the show and Keegan has stepped up.

Get your tickets at FitFreak Supplements Launceston and get ready for a massive night of family entertainment
July 25th 2015 at 6pm
Action Packed Stadium Launceston

IMPORTANT - Training News

Junior training classes will be cancelled until further notice, for more information please contact Leigh on 0409398997 or
Our training schedule has changed and the new times are as below.
Now that we have training on Saturday mornings, we hope to see some new faces.....
Are you TCW's next champion?

The new training times are -
Saturday - 9.00am to 12.30pm
Monday - 6.30pm to 9.00pm
Tuesday - 6.00pm to 9.00pm

See the Training page for more information

Happy Birthday to Tasmanian Championship Wrestling.

Three years ago a handful of guys walked into Windmill Hill Hall and began the first day of their wrestling career. Two out of the four original trainees are still here, one even became the first TCW Champion.
Thank you to everyone who has and is apart of TCW. Thank you to all our sponsors, all the wrestlers from the mainland, A personal thank you Braithe Priest, Amy Gregory, Beau Sayer, Paul Major, Marie Burt, Carmen Carter, Kate Scolyer, Tim & Josh at Chilli Fm, Rachel Jago, Shelly Jago, all the TCW crew, Brad and Paul Fraser. We would have never got here without you.

Here's to the next three years and see you all at "Hardway" on July 25th at Action Packed Stadium 6pm. Tickets on sale today at Fitfreak Supplements Launceston and at the venue.

Tickets for Hardway on sale at Fitfreak Supplements Launceston and Elphin Sports Centre this Wednesday 3rd June.

Trainee Professional Wrestlers wanted.

TCW is looking for Men, Women and juniors (10-14yrs) to join its Launceston based training centre.
With the help of Anytime Fitness Launceston and Fitfreak Supplements Launceston, TCW is looking to grow our Tasmanian talent.
What does it take....

  • Hard work
  • Dedication
  • Positive attitude
  • Not afraid of failure
  • Not afraid of pain
  • Not a afraid to get up in front of 300+ ppl
  • Willing to join a gym ( at a discounted rate)

Doesn't matter if you are in shape, unfit, tall, short, male or female.

The first session is free, after that, you sign up and pay weekly and a membership fee for the year (which can be paid off weekly).
If under 18 years, parent/guardian must sign contract as well on the day to try even if it is only the first session.

Training days consist of
Sunday Juniors 5-6pm | Trainees 6-7:30pm | Seniors 7:30-9pm
Mondays Trainees 7-8pm | Seniors 8-9pm
Tuesdays Trainees 6-7:30pm | Seniors 7:30-9pm

One on one training can be organised (subject to availability) but will not be free on first session and cost a weekly fee for each class.

We have students who travel all over Tasmania to come train, they catch buses, car pool and do what ever it takes to be a wrestler. Distance is only an excuse if you make it.

What have you got to lose..

Ladies of Tasmania....

Do you have what it takes to be TCW's first female pro wrestler on the roster?
That's right. This is an open invitation for one female to become the first Tasmanian Championship Wrestling Women's Wrestler.
The only requirements are

  • You must be a hard worker
  • Not afraid to get hurt
  • Want to get fit and healthy
  • Want to be a positive role model for other women

For more information, contact Leigh

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